Sunday, December 2, 2007

it's been a while . . .

A little update on what I've been focusing on lately. After doing quite a bit of development on the large scale wood and steel tower I came to the realization that the project was going to be too ambitious for 2008. It will really require a large motivated team to pull off and I don't feel like I can devote the time that would be required. Time to scale back!

I've been developing the idea of a geometric tower made of plywood panels and steel brackets. The panels become increasingly lacy as they ascend. I'll need to start routing out some real plywood to see just how lacy it can be and still retain its structural integrity. The inside surface of the panels will be covered with a tightly stretched layer of white spandex which when lit at night will cause the whole tower to glow like a paper lantern. The top of the tower would house a reflective orb (disco ball?) that would rotate with the wind. A series of large tubular chimes will hang in the center.

I feel like I should be able to tackle a project of this scale for 2008 without it taking over my life. Time will tell!