Saturday, April 19, 2008

a discovery

I made an interesting discovery last night as I was building another pattern - this one based on a rectangle. The previous patterns were generated using either a triangle or a hexagon at their center resulting in a symmetrical and equal expansion as they grew. Being four sided, the rectangle can expand symmetrically as well as bilaterally creating a long linear form. More experimentation is required!

Other news -

I've acquired a few 4 x 4's and will start building some full scale mock ups in the next week or so.

I got a call from a guy at the Discovery Channel who works on a show called Daily Planet that is interested in documenting the project for inclusion in a series of "science meets art" stories premiering this fall. Fun!


Living Ricariously said...

Wow! These forms are starting to look like creatures! The long forms look like insects to me. :-)

Very nice.

Glenn said...

Yeah - a centipede! It also reminds me of a long Viking ship with all its oars dipping in the water. I'm really excited about the possibilities of this one.